Our courses build the capabilities of organizations, policy makers and practitioners, and forest users to make community management of forests more effective.

Our Approach

Our courses and study tours build on participants' own experiences. RECOFTC trainers expand participants' existing skills and knowledge by introducing new concepts and innovations and exploring issues through case study analysis, field visits, and presentations by invited specialists.

RECOFTC trainings use "experiential learning," based on the premise that people learn best through experience and reflection. Our courses promote the sharing of information between participants and experienced field practitioners. Each course is designed to build the specific competences, understandings, and abilities needed to take action. We introduce practical and relevant lessons that can be readily applied in your own workplace environment.

You can also view and download the full training courses brochure here.

  • Customized courses

    All courses are available upon request, and all can be fully tailored to suit the specific wishes of our clients. Contact for more...
  • Schedule of open courses on community forestry - 2018

    Throughout the year, we hold scheduled courses available for open registration. Below are the currently scheduled courses for this year. Course name Date 2018 Location Description Free, Prior, Informed Consent (FPIC): a tool for better forest...