Schedule of open courses on community forestry - 2018

Throughout the year, we hold scheduled courses available for open registration. Below are the currently scheduled courses for this year.

Course nameDate 2018LocationDescription

Free, Prior, Informed Consent (FPIC): a tool for better forest governance

7-12 May 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

As they explore the concept, key principles and steps of FPIC, participants of this course will learn how to design and implement a process to obtain FPIC. The process ensures that elements of good forest governance are incorporated into forest landscape projects. Participants will develop action points to address potential issues and concerns in applying FPIC in their own respective country contexts. Click here for more information

Agroforestry for climate change resilient landscapes

16 - 20 July  2018

Mae Chaem, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Strengthening the ecological and economic resilience of agroforestry system can improve the livelihoods of local communities.  This training explores the linkages between the fundamentals of agroforestry practices, community forestry and climate change adaptation. Once participants have an understanding of these connections, they will design a participatory process to consider what is the most appropriate agroforestry system for a specific community forestry context. Click here for more information

Transforming forest landscape conflicts for better governance

3-8 Sept 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

This training course is designed on the premise that conflict in forest landscapes can present opportunities to opportunities develop capacities for improved better forest governance, stronger rights of forest communities and create an environment for sustainable forest management, but only if the conflicts are addressed effectively. The course aims to enable landscape stakeholders, especially non-state actors, understand the need to explore strategies to transform forest conflict that can ensure sustainable win- win solutions. 

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR): Sustaining Landscapes through Local Partnerships

24 - 29 Sep. 2018

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This course is for national and sub-national level trainers and practicioners from the forestry sector and others who seek to promote FLR as a sustainable forest restoration strategy. The course will increase skills and knowledge on how to design and plan a FLR project based on country contexts. Participants will take part in class learning as well as a field trip. 

Leadership camp for sustainable forests: An experiential field-based learning with local communities    

October 2018

Baan Huay Hin Lad Nai, Chiang Rai province, Thailand

This course focuses on the importance of leadership in the context of sustainable forests at the landscape level. Participants interact with the local Karen community in the village and amongst themselves to assess and strengthen their leadership styles and capacities. Using the “learning by doing” approach, participants undergo a series of forest-based landscape challenges that will strengthen their leadership qualities to bring about positive social change in the landscape.  Mr. Preecha Siri, the 2013 United Nations' Forest Hero, and other member of the Karen community will be   key resource persons in this training.

*All trainings will include a field visit to a community forest in Thailand.


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  1. The tuition fee covers all training expenses, course materials, as well as all costs incurred during the field visit (meals, accommodation, and transport).

  2. Please allocate adequate budget for daily meals, accommodation, and incidental fees. RECOFTC's Bangkok facilities are available for accommodation in a private, air-conditioned room for an additional US$30/day per participant for the duration of all the courses in Bangkok. Accomodation for courses in other countries will vary from city to city.