Stories of Change 2008-2013 and Annual Report 2012-2013

September 2014


The stories in this report illustrate the invaluable contributions being made by community members, pioneering government personnel and others who are actively participating in forest management – leading to improved livelihoods, and more equity and a fairer share of benefits. The stories highlight the challenges faced and opportunities created by people in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Viet Nam who are promoting community forestry. Through these stories, everyday heroes come alive, as we get a glimpse of how people are overcoming obstacles through defending their rights and managing their forests, and the benefits they are bringing to their communities and beyond. While it is impossible to include the stories of the thousands of individuals who are making contributions on every level toward achieving these goals, the stories here demonstrate the ability of forest communities to respond effectively to a range of climate change, governance, conservation and livelihood challenges.