RECOFTC Strategic Plan for 2013-2018

October 2013


Building on a very successful previous strategic phase, the new RECOFTC Strategic Plan (2013-2018) has an increased focus on clearer strategic outcomes in RECOFTC’s four thematic areas: Securing Community Forestry; Enhancing Livelihoods and Markets; People, Forests and Climate Change; and Transforming Forest Conflicts. Within these thematic areas, we explore emerging issues, including landscape approaches, food security, water security, and biomass energy security. Our focus on a rights-based approach based on three principles - strong and secure rights, good governance and fair benefits – is being strengthened, along with increasing emphasis on social inclusion and gender, forestry leadership development, and a more robust participatory monitoring and evaluation system. RECOFTC’s expanded engagement in 8 focal countries - Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Viet Nam – continues to be a cornerstone of our work to deliver tangible outcomes on the ground. Our four functional approaches – training and learning networks, research, communication, and piloting and demonstrating – also continue to complement each other and contribute to our strategic outcomes.