RECOFTC Strategic Plan 2008-2013

April 2008
The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing rapid changes. There is a major need to strengthen capacities to assist countries and forestry stakeholders to respond in ways that benefit both people and forests.


An externally conducted program evaluation in late 2007 found that RECOFTC was well-positioned to respond to the changed and continuously changing global agenda. It stressed that the need for the organization has never been greater in terms of efforts to reduce the adverse effects of major global and regional changes on local natural resource based livelihoods. RECOFTC has the potential to lead efforts for local people's rights and issues of equity and poverty, which should be regularly and seriously addressed at local and country levels and in regional and global initiatives on forests.

Strategic Plan 2008-2013

Read this plan to learn about RECOFTC's:

  • Re-envisioned role: From training to learning and knowledge management
  • Vision, mission, and long-term desired outcomes
  • Organizational structure: Analysis, Capacity Building, Communicating
  • Geographical focus: Our focal countries and network of regional involvement