RECOFTC Country Engagement Strategy - Lao PDR

August 2016


Almost 90 percent of the land area in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) is ‘wooded’. Of the total land area of 23 million hectares, 15.8 million hectares (68 percent) are forest with more than 10 percent crown cover and 4.8 million hectares are classified as other wooded land with less than 10 percent crown cover. Recently, the government has attempted to stop shifting cultivation through land-use planning and land allocation. Lessons from these efforts have contributed to recognition of the need for the current revision of land and forest policy and legislation.


One in a series of RECOFTC country engagement strategies, this publication analyses the community forestry (CF) situation and challenges in Lao PDR, and recommends priorities for the country’s CF development. Adhering to RECOFTC's vision and mission, the report presents the organization’s strategic programme framework and how RECOFTC in Lao PDR can effectively contribute to the advancement of CF in the country.