RECOFTC 1987-2007: The First 20 Years

June 2007

To celebrate RECOFTC's 20th anniversary, this collection of articles shares the stories of those who have worked to further RECOFTC's mission over the past twenty years.

  1. Tribute to the founder

  2. Birth of a movement: The later years

  3. Why communities manage forests

  4. Eyewitness to the first 10 years

  5. The second decade: In the field

  6. The RECOFTC checklist

  7. Alumni stories

  8. An overview of lessons learned

  9. Tributes from longstanding friends

  10. A shared journey

  11. Dr. Malla - A life in community forestry

  12. Our support and where it comes from

  13. RECOFTC's people and logo

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