Climate, conflicts and collaboration in forested landscapes

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Climate, conflicts and collaboration in forested landscapes
17 November 2014 to 28 November 2014
Bangkok, Thailand
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6 October 2014

Forested landscapes have always had multiple functions, as provider of food, shelter, biodiversity, and income. Moreover, as part of the responses to climate change forested landscapes are increasingly regarded as carbon stocks, important for the mitigation of climate change. As natural resources managers and planners, we are increasingly confronted with multiple pressures on our landscapes, which requires not only new insights in landscape dynamics, but also the application of new planning tools that differ significantly from conventional practice. During the course we will help you to examine landscape dynamics, and analyse conflicts arising from overlapping land use. Moreover, we will enhance your ability to mediate in conflict, facilitate negotiation processes, and create space for multi-stakeholder collaboration within landscapes. For more information, download the course description.