REDD-Net Asia-Pacific

REDD-Net Asia-Pacific

Supporting national and community-level networks working for social equity in REDD+

Fast Facts

Years: 2009 - present 

Focus: Asia-Pacific Region

Donors: Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)

Coordinator: Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Partners: Centro Agrononómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) in Latin America, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development in East Africa


As discussions on the intended REDD+ mechanism continue at the international level, pilot projects are already underway. However, while local communities are central actors in these initiatives, they tend to be left out of the discussions on how REDD+ should be developed to reflect their interests. Local people should have an active role in project design and implementation. Additionally, REDD+ initiatives must not only ensure that projects do not adversely affect local people, they should also target the rural poor as  beneficiaries of REDD+ initiatives.


REDD-Net aims to support Southern civil societies in promoting the interests of local people in REDD+ dealings.


This network facilitates the sharing of knowledge, analysis, and tools to foster a better understanding of how REDD+ initiatives can address local needs. Through bulletins, thematic papers, workshops, and an online forum, it aims to assist civil society stakeholders in shaping REDD+ projects and policies both nationally and globally.


RECOFTC is the host organization of REDD-Net Asia-Pacific and implements all the activities in the region.


The RECOFTC website we will keep readers updated on the latest REDD-Net activities in the Asia-Pacific region. For more on global REDD-Net activities, please visit the REDD-Net website.


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