GREEN Mekong Equity Resource Kit

GREEN Mekong Equity Resource Kit

Welcome to the GREEN Mekong Equity Resource Kit containing key products to enhance your knowledge on social equity in forests

The Grassroots Equity Resource Kit is a compilation of GREEN Mekong knowledge products developed over the past three years. Together, these resources will help provide users with a working basis to understand and utilize the principles of social equity to improve forest governance and management and address climate change. The material includes videos, case studies, a training manual and success stories from program participants.


These resources are available in English, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Myanmar-language and Khmer.



Training manual


Resources Equity training manual: Improving Grassroots Equity in the Forests and Climate Change Context This training manual, the principle publication from GREEN Mekong, targets grassroots facilitators with the aim of increasing their understanding of processes and dimensions of social equity in forests and climate change, and to develop specific skills to put this learning into practice.


Fact sheet


GREEN Mekong Factsheet  This factsheet gives an overview of the GREEN Mekong program and its activities.




Equity in forests and climate change This two-part infographic explains the importance of social equity in forests and the basics on putting it into practice. The infographic defines equity and provides an easy to understand overview of the key elements that will empower forest-dependent communities. 



The Equity Effect: What is Social Equity? 

This video provides an introduction to the concept of social equity, explaining what it is, why it is important and what conditions need to be met.


Without Indigenous Women: What Happens to our Forests and Forest Communities?

This video provides examples of when constructive policies are made and responsive actions are taken, indigenous women are empowered and can contribute meaningfully to successful forest governance.


The Regional Learning Group: Promoting Equity-Based Approaches Among Local forestry Officials

This video provides an overview of the Regional Learning Group approach to capacity building in equity. It includes highlights from the past three years of the training and explains the impact of this strategy.


A Fair Climate: Gender Equity in Forestry and REDD+ video and accompanying discussion guide

The training video targets community forestry practitioners to improve gender equity on the ground. More specifically, it explains the concept of gender equity in the context of forest communities and highlights best practices for achieving gender equity. Accompanying the video is the discussion guide, which will help facilitate discussions concerning forest management practices and forest governance in the local and institutional contexts.


Other publications



Q&A booklet on equity Equity in Climate Change and REDD+

This handbook is a quick reference material for key stakeholders at provincial or district levels, particularly forestry officials, who are engaged in local and regional level learning processes for promoting equity in the development of climate change mitigation measures, and related forest management practices.


Case studies



Equity Case Study #1 This is a case study on the importance of access to critical information as it pertains to achieving equity in forest governance focusing on teak farmers.

Equity Case Study #2 This is a positive equity case in community-based forest governance, focusing on increased participation by the community, and on securing rights and tenure, brought about by the lack of tenure and resource rights for the individual households.

Equity Case Study #3  This is a positive equity case in community-based forest governance, focusing on providing incentives for local community in forest management via benefit sharing mechanisms.

Equity Case Study #4  This is a positive equity case in community-based forest governance, focusing on increased participation by the community. Equity

Equity Case Study #5  This is a contractive equity case in community-based forest governance, focusing on the development of a mechanism for community participation in natural resources management.


Success stories


Innovative Training Process Ensuring Equity in Forest Management This is a success story following the journey of a Lao PDR RLG member, capturing the importance of equity on the grassroots level.


Small Grants from USAID Program Enables CSO to Engage Policy Makers and Build Awareness This success story features a GREEN Mekong Challenge Fund recipient, the Centre for Rural Development in Central Viet Nam and how grant program enabled them to engage a wider community and share the importance of the equity approach, especially the participation of forest communities, in the policy development process.


USAID Program Drives Institutional Changes in Lower Mekong, Brings Equity in Forest Governance This success story shares how the importance of equity was demonstrated in Thailand and how it was adopted by an institution as a positive tool for engaging forest communities.


USAID Program Enables Civil Society Organizations to Reach Forest Communities, Improve Equity In this success story, CSOs from Lao PDR are highlighted, explaining how they benefited from the GREEN Mekong training and what it has meant for their programs.


Small Grants Program Empowers Local Organizations to Protect Their Own Community Through this success story, we follow the impact of the GREEN Mekong Challenge Fund in Cambodia and the impact these grants had with our CSO partner, NGO Forum.




July 2015: IN THIS ISSUE: Regional learning group: an approach with an impact; A look up close with the Regional Learning Group; Representatives from CSOs meet in Bangkok to hone their facilitation skills; Updates from GREEN Mekong Challenge Fund


February 2015: IN THIS ISSUE:Regional learning groups continue to strengthen engagement; The concept of equity and its benefits understood through field practice in Lao PDR
Updates from GREEN Mekong Challenge Fund; Equity in climate change and REDD+: A handbook for grassroots facilitators


July 2014: IN THIS ISSUE: Grassroots    equity    tops    the    agenda    at    ASEAN    Conference    on Social    Forestry; Program    partners    engage    in    the    third    CSO    Forum    in    Malaysia; Innovative    Regional    Learning    Group    on    Equity    in    Forest Governance    established; Lower    Mekong    CSOs    gain    further    skills    to    promote    grassroots equity; Updates    from    GREEN    Mekong    Challenge    Fund; Twenty    CSOs    join    the    Grassroots    Equity    Portal; A    training    manual    to    improve    grassroots    equity


February 2014: IN THIS ISSUE: Grassroots stakeholders in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam share their views on improving equity; Developing the capacity of civil society organizations to effectively promote equity in forest-based climate change mitigation initiatives


June 2013: IN THIS ISSUE: Introduction to the program’s objectives, including facts and figures; A summary of the equity framework; Resources on equity; The ‘Gender lens’ – Perspectives on gender equity