Training on sustainable uses and management of forest for women in Son La province, Viet Nam

From 7th to 10th July 2015, a short training on sustainable uses and management of forest was specifically designed and organized for members of Women Union in Chieng Xuan and Xuan Nha commune, Van Ho district, Son La province, aiming at enhancing the capacity and participation of local women in utilization and management of forest and associated resources.

The training was co-organized by People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) and Management Board of Xuan Nha Nature Reserve with the participation of 25 women from Thai, Mong and Muong ethnic groups.

In addition to learning and sharing experiences on sustainability in exploitation and uses of forest products and regulations in classifying and using forest, participants had an opportunity to not only discuss about current issues in forest management practices, but also to practice communication, discussion and negotiation skills that can enable them to be fully participated in managing and using forests of the Reserve.

Remarkably, the training also raised up equality among local people, especially marginalized groups such as ethnic women in accessing diversified values from forest resources.

Knowledge and skills obtained from the training are expected to be applied and stimulated in the other project activities, particularly in the dialogue on sustainable exploitation and uses of forest and/or cultural event for promoting forest protection and development of non-timber forest products, which are going to be co-organized by Women Union of the two communes and Management Board of Xuan Nha Nature Reserve.

This training is among activities toward enhancing ethnic women’s roles in forest management in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve, funded by GREEN Mekong.

Some pictures from the training:


20151707_Khai mac tap huan tai Chieng Xuan

Opening in Chieng Xuan commune

20151707_Khoi dong lam quen

Ice-break and get to know each other

20151707_Thao luan nhom tai Xuan Nha

Group discussion in Xuan Nha