Our Approach

Based on capacity development needs assessments for climate change and REDD+ among the grassroots stakeholders, the project has developed a range of training and awareness raising courses, with specialized materials and manuals, which are adapted to local contexts, and produced in the national languages. Field based case studies further informed the contextualization of REDD+ capacity development material and designing the training and awareness raising programs in a particular country context. The training and capacity development programs are delivered following a cascade down approach starting at national level through  sub-national, down to local levels. Furthermore, using cascading up approach, the project aims to bring up the key concerns and issues of the grassroots stakeholders and share them with policy makers and other key stakeholders at sub-national and national level, and thus help grassroots stakeholders and their representatives to articulate their issues with policy makers and other key stakeholders.

The project is currently working with a total of 18 partner organizations in the five project countries. These include government, non-government, civil society and community based organizations. In addition, the project has also made efforts to establish and maintain links with the climate change working group/taskforce of each national government in order for all relevant parties to remain updated and to align project activities with other ongoing initiatives on REDD+ in the project countries.