Grassroots concerns and issues regarding REDD+ in Nepal

October 2016


REDD+ scheme is primarily aimed at national governments and local forest managers to reduce emissions by conserving forests; at the same time, increasing investment on capacity developmen for grassroots stakeholders who are the main forest stewards provides opportunities for the grassroots actors to enhance their understanding and skills on REDD+ and be the voices of their community to safeguard their interest and benefits. In this context, this policy brief has been prepared based on experiences of RECOFTC's Grassroots Capacity Building for REDD+ in Asia Project in partnership with local civil society organization in Nepal. RECOFTC and the local partners were engaged in the REDD+ capacity building at the grassroots level that aimed to bridge the knowledge and capacity gap so they are able to share their concerns related to REDD+ to policy makers and forest stakeholders at the national levels in Nepal.