Utilizing participatory approaches to effectively address capacity gaps in REDD+: Lessons from Viet Nam

October 2016


The overall objectives of the Vietnamese National REDD+ Action Program (NRAP) for the period 2011-2020 are to reduce deforestation and forest degradation, promote sustainable management of forest resources, and conserve and enhance forest carbon stocks. The initial period of the program (2011-2015) was intended for REDD+ readiness. One of the specific objectives was to raise awareness of relevant stakeholders in the pilot provinces. To help Viet Nam achieve this objective, development partners have been working in various parts of the country for the last few years. Although significant efforts have been made to enhance awareness and understanding of REDD+ among concerned stakeholders at all levels, the effectiveness of these activities is low. This brief intends to highlight the importance of participatory approaches for policy-makers and implementers working in the area of REDD+. It argues that the methods employed have greatly influenced the effectiveness of the training and awareness raising and that participatory approaches should be used to ensure that capacity gaps are effectively addressed.