Our achievements in Indonesia

Our achievements in Indonesia

Since 2009, the grassroots project has a total of 19 different kinds of evens targeting at REDD+ capacity development at various levels in Indonesia. Through these events, the project could reach to a total of 3,517 participants. More than half of these are women participants.


Output 1: A set of training package on REDD+ for Grassroots stakeholders is developed

  • Developed REDD+ training manual and reading materials: The Centre for Forestry Education and Training (CFET), one of four partner organizations, and the Grassroots Project team have jointly developed REDD+ training modules and resource materials in Bahasa Indonesia.  Further, CFET being a premier capacity development organization of the Ministry of Forestry is closely working with RECOFTC to develop a strategy to mainstream REDD+ training material into CFET’s regular training programs.
  • Handbooks for developing REDD+ knowledge: A series of short and simple question and answer booklets have been developed in Bahasa Indonesia on various topics of REDD+, including basic concept of climate change and REDD+, gender in REDD+, FPIC in REDD+ and equity in REDD+.
  • FPIC Guidebook in Bahasa: The grassroots project also supported translation of an English version of the guidebook on Free, Prior and Informed Consent into Bahasa Indonesia.

Output 2: Organizing the Training of Trainers Programs for partner organizations and other key stakeholders

  • National and provincial-level training of trainers: In partnership with CFET, the grassroots project has delivered training of trainers program at national and provincial level respectively, focusing on building the capacity of CFET trainers and other stakeholders on the fundamentals of REDD+, its evolution, recent REDD+ developments, and also building their facilitation skills. Having developed their own capacity, CFET then cascaded REDD+ training down to the provincial-level trainers, which included government officers and extension staffs in Makassar, South Sulawesi Province, in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province, and in Runpin/Bogor, West Kalimantan Province.
  • Trained local forest officers on Climate Change, REDD+ and its relevant: At regional level with support from LATIN, the project helped in raising awareness on Climate Change and REDD+ safeguards (for example Gender Mainstreaming, FPIC, etc.) for a group of local level government officials in Jember District, East Java. The facilitators trained under National ToT and resource person from CFET supported such training programs.
  • Gender Mainstreaming in REDD+ planning: In 2013, RECOFTC and Natural Resource Development Centre (NRDC) organized a national level Gender Expert Seminar in order to identifying key issues and challenges to promoting gender inclusiveness in REDD+ capacity development and find out the appropriate opportunities at different levels.

Output 3: Grassroots Capacity Development Programs

  • District-level trainings on Community Forestry, Entrepreneurship and Climate Change:  In 2013, with support from FKKM, we delivered capacity building events for members of community forestry user group to learn about Climate change, the roles of forests, sustainable forest management and improving livelihoods opportunities - non-carbon benefit of REDD+.  Participants from District Forest Service staff, local NGOs and forest user groups in Bantaeng - South Sulawesi Province, Yogyakarta – Central Java and Lombok-West Nusa Tenggara attended this training program.
  • Capacity development of community leaders, religious leaders, and women preachers: With support from YAKOBI and LATIN, the grassroots project delivered a series of capacity development events for a range of grassroots stakeholders. YAKOBI organized trainings in Berau district, East Kalimantan Province for community leaders, extension workers and religious leaders (by adding knowledge of climate change mitigation and adaptation in the perspectives of the Quran, Hadith and Salafism contexts) and for Dayak Gaai people, using cultural events and festivals. LATIN provided trainings for local communities residing around Meru Betiri National, in Jember, East Java including community leaders and women Islamic preachers. In all these events, CFET provided backstopping support, and thus helping YAKOBI and LATIN to develop their capacities as well.
  • Trained local teachers on Climate Change and REDD+: YAKOBI also organized trainings for the school teachers from selected elementary schools in Berau district, East Kalimantan Province, who later on shared their knowledge on Climate Change and REDD+ with their students, using Wayang – the traditional puppet show, and thus helping to pass on the knowledge to the younger generations.