Lao PDR: Building Grassroots Capacity in REDD+

Lao PDR: Building Grassroots Capacity in REDD+

Project overview and updates from Lao PDR

Lao PDR is one of the first three countries, along with Indonesia and Nepal where the implementation of the grassroots projects began in late 2009. One of the key challenges of grassroots level REDD+ capacity development in Lao PDR emanates from its diversity of ethnic groups with different languages and customs. The capacity building approaches and tools, therefore need to tailor made for such a range of cultural groups. A set of two REDD+ training manuals were developed in Lao language – one for national level stakeholders and other for community level stakeholders by simplifying the language and keeping appropriate amount of information on Climate Change, REDD+ and sustainable forest management and social safeguards of REDD+. The capacity development process is also supported by questions and answers handbooks on climate change and REDD+, Gender in REDD+ and Free, Prior and Informed Consent in REDD+.


The project has focused to train government officers and civil society organizations in national-level, provincial-level and district-level in REDD+ pilot provinces in order to build their knowledge on REDD+ and capacity to transfer knowledge to grassroots stakeholders. The project also targeted to promote knowledge building on Climate Change and REDD+ among youths and school students, both at national and local-levels. In addition a number of community awareness raising events on basic knowledge of REDD+, REDD+ social safeguards and gender mainstreaming have been organized for community leaders at Kumban (village cluster) levels.

  • Achievements: Lao PDR

    Since the beginning of the project in Lao PDR, a total of 35 REDD+ and climate change trainings and capacity development events have been delivered in Lao PDR...
  • Partner Organizations: Lao PDR

    In Lao PDR, the Grassroots Project has been working with a total of five partner organizations, as listed below: Partner organization Type and location of the...