Achievements: Vietnam

Achievements: Vietnam

Since 2010 the project has organized more than 50 different events for REDD+ and climate change capacity development in Vietnam. Through these events, the project could reach to a total of 1,736 participants, including 30% women participants.


Output 1: A set of training package on REDD+ for Grassroots stakeholders is developed

  • REDD+ training manual development:  The project has worked with CEDRA and CSDM to develop REDD+ training manual including reading materials.
  • Handbooks on REDD+: A series of  short and simple handbooks in a form of questions and answers are produced in Vietnamese for local trainers and facilitators. These handbooks aim to providing simplified information on Climate Change, REDD+ and associated safeguards issues such as gender, FPIC and Equity in REDD+.
  • Radio episodes and short videos: In order to raise awareness, the Vietnam team has produced a series of 10 interactive radio episodes about climate change and its impacts, roles of forests in addressing climate change, basic concept of REDD+ and associated safeguards such as FPIC and Gender in REDD+. The short film conveys key message on the good practice cases of community forest management and how community forestry can contribute to a success planning and implementation of REDD+.


Output 2: Organizing the Training of Trainers Programs for partner organizations and other key stakeholders

  • National level ToT programs : In 2011, to start with two national level ‘training of trainers’ program (ToT) were conducted on climate change and REDD+ for national facilitators and the partner organizations from four project provinces. Participants included from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE), Department of Finance, Provincial People's Committee (PPC), and Women and Youth Unions.  In 2012, ToT program on Free, Prior and Informed Consents in REDD+ was organized for the partner organizations and the representative from relevant agencies. In phase III of the project by mid 2014 the refresher ToT programs were organized to provide updates on REDD+ at International and national levels and also introduced the knowledge about REDD+ social and environmental safeguards, along with developing facilitation skill of the participants. Furthermore the project co-organized in providing a ToT program on facilitation of community participation in forestry in the context of REDD+ in Hanoi.
  • Sub-national ToT programs : After completing national level ToT programs, , a series of 18 sub-national ToT programs on  basic knowledge on climate change and REDD+ have been conducted with support from the key government agencies in each target provinces in 2012. These also included refresher ToT on REDD+ and relevant issues including SFM, Payment for ecosystem services, FPIC, social safeguards and gender mainstreaming for the trained provincial and district facilitators.. In 2014, the refresher ToT programs at provincial level were organized again with a focus on strengthening capacity on REDD+ safeguards topics.
  • Expert Seminar on Gender, Forestry, Climate Change and REDD+ :  The Grassroots project in partnership with VN Forest organized a one day national level expert workshop on gender mainstreaming in REDD+. Such a multi-stakeholder workshop aimed at sharing the experiences on the gender mainstreaming in forestry sector, lessons learned from them, and related challenges with regards to REDD+.


Output 3: Grassroots Capacity Development Programs

  • More than 40 Community level training and awareness raising events organized: From 2012 – 2013, through a series of community level trainings events the understanding of grassroots communities on climate change, and REDD+ was enhanced in the project provinces. The beneficiaries of such training events included communes’ leaders, community  forest management boards and forest dependent communities, particularly in Ngoc Hien District, Ca Mau Province;  Di Linh  and Lam Ha Districts, Lam Dong Province and Ba Be District Bac Kan Province. In 2014, we have moved forward to delivering trainings at community level to reaching all key grassroots stakeholders Awareness raising events for school students: The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ca Mau Province conducted painting competition on impacts of climate change and the role of forests among the school students. The competition was used to raising awareness on REDD+ and climate change among the students and to promote communities’ participation in the learning process.


Output 5: Disseminating Project Lessons and Experiences

Exchanging experience on national and international levels: The project’s progress and experience is being shared regularly at national Climate Change Working Group meetings.