To strengthen the policy implementation in social forestry in the ASEAN region, RECOFTC conducted capacity building and training activities at national and regional levels, as outlined in the ASFCC phase one program plan. Various national and regional level training courses organized by RECOFTC for social forestry practitioners in ASEAN countries during the ASFCC phase I aims to create opportunities for training participants to apply their knowledge and skills acquired through training to their context.


In the course of time, it is expected that training alumni will be able to contribute to social forestry development at the national level. In delivering its capacity building activities, RECOFTC has successfully shared with the ASEAN countries several basic principles of social forestry including good governance; supportive policies & legal framework; stakeholder participation; clear rights & tenure; recognition of customary rights; meeting local needs; adaptive management learning; conflict management; benefit sharing.


RECOFTC has completed eight regional training for the ASEAN countries on various topics such as social forestry, climate change and food security. ASFN Leaders as well as training alumni conveyed their great appreciation towards RECOFTC trainings on social forestry and climate change with expectation that RECOFTC will continuously provide thematic and specific trainings according to the needs of each country.


Besides regional training, RECOFTC also provided national level training, particularly in three countries where RECOFTC is assigned as focal partner: Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. The typical participants of national training are staff from the government, and CSOs engaged in the advancement of social forestry.


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