Total Population

67,726,000 in 2014

Rural Population

34,433,400 in 201451% of total population
Total country area51,312,000 ha

Total land area (excluding water bodies)

51,089,000 ha

Total forest land

22,400,000 in 2013

44% total country area

Forest cover

16,365,664 ha in 201432% of land area

National reserve forests

595,812 ha36% of forest land

Protected forests

10,381,000 ha

63% of forest land

Forest cover change

-1,322 ha (0.77%) per year from 2008-2014

Carbon stocks

863 mmt

Community managed forests (with CFM agreement)

9855 community forests covering 750,457 ha (August 2016)45

Community forestry policies and programmes

Community forest registration programme


Food security programme


Urban forestry programme


Voluntary forest conservation programme

Climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and programmes

Thailand Climate Change Master Plan (2012–2050)


National Strategy on Climate Change BE 2556-2560 (2013–2017) 


Royal Forest Department reforestation activities


Various community-based mitigation and adaptation projects

Sources: Royal Forest Department forest statistics 2014; FAO 2015i.