Total Population

99,138,690 in 2014

Rural Population

50,033,879 in 2014

50% of total population

Total country area

30,000,000 ha

Total land area (excluding inland water bodies)

29,817,000 ha

Total forest land

15,805,325 ha in 2014

53% of total land area

Total forested cover

6,839,718 ha in 2010

23% of total land area

43% of total forest land

Established forest reserve

3,270,146 ha

21% of total forest land

Established timber land

10,056,020 ha

64% of total forest land

National parks, wildlife sanctuaries & wilderness areas

1,340,997 ha

8% of total forest land

Forest cover change

-46,955 per year (-0.66%) from 2003–2010

Carbon stocks

1,289.90 mmt

Community based forest management (CBFMA, CADT, CALT, etc.)

4,018,952 ha in 2013

Community forestry policies and programmes

Community Based Forest Management, as established by Executive Order No 263

Climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and programmes

Philippine Climate Change Act (2009) RA 9729


National Climate Change Action Plan


Local Climate Change Action Plan


National Framework Strategy on Climate Change Executive


Order No. 881 on REDD+ planning and development


Philippine National REDD+ Strategy (2010)


National Greening Program


 Sources: FAO 2015g; Forest Management Bureau (FMB) 2014a; Philippine Statistics Authority 2015; Philippines Yearbook 2014