Total Population

6,689,300 in 2014

Rural Population

4,177,401 in 2014

62%  (based on 2005 census)

Total area

23,680,000 ha

Total land area (excluding inland water)

23,080,000 ha

Total forest area

13,500,000 ha in 2010

58% of total land area

Total forest cover

9,550,000 ha in 2010

41% of total land

60% total forest area

Production Forest

3,100,000 ha

23% of total forest area

13% of total land area

Protection forest

6,900,000 ha (proposed area)

51% of total forest area

Conservation forest

3,600,000 ha (proposed area)

25% of total forest area

Unclassified forest area

2,300,000 ha

14%  of total forest area 

Forest area with official CF agreements  


Carbon stocks

1,098.38 mmt

Forest cover change

-34,650 ha (-0.36%) per year 2002-2010

Community forestry policies and programmes

Participatory sustainable forest management


Village forestry


Collaborative forest management


Traditional forest management


Community-based forest management for ecotourism


Smallholder plantations and industrial plantations

Climate Change mitigation and adaptation policies and programmes

National Strategy on Climate Change (2010) 


Partner country for UN-REDD and FCPF


Climate Protection Through Avoided Deforestation (CliPAD) project


Sources: FAO 2015d, Lao PDR Country Report; Lao PDR's Second National Communication to the UNFCCC; Department of Environment, 2013; and forest cover based on the 2002 Forest Cover Assessment, presented at the 2nd ASFN Learning Group Workshop, Thailand, Feburary 2013.