Total Population

254,454,778 in 2014

Rural Population

119,586,112 in 2010

50.21% of total population

Total area

190,457,000 ha

Total land area (excluding inland water bodies)

181,156,000 ha

Total forest land

129,425,443 ha

71% of total land

Forest cover

98,072,700 ha

75% of total forest land

54% of total land area

Production Forest (limited, convertible & production)

72,109,280 ha

56% of total forest land

Protected forest (soil and water)

29,917,582 ha

22% of total forest land

Protected forest (sanctuaries and nature conservation)

27,453,000 ha

21% of total forest area

Community managed forests (with CFM agreements)

642,646 ha of social forests officially approved in 2013

Total forest carbon

12,448 mmt in 2015

Forest change cover

-613,480.70 ha (-0.62%) in 2011–2012

Community forestry policies and programmes

Hutan Kemasyarakatan/HKm (community-based forest)


Hutan Desa (village forest)


Hutan Tanaman Rakyat/HTR (community-based forest estate)


Kemitraan (Partnership)


Kawasan Dengan Tujuan Istimewa/KDTI (special purpose zones)


Pengelolaan Hutan bersama Masyarakat/PHBM (managing forests with local communities)


Model Desa Konservasi (conservation village model)

Hutan Rakyat (private community-forestry income



Hutan Adat (customary forest)


Sistem Hutan Kerakyatan/SHK (community-based forest system)

Climate Change mitigation and adaptation policies and programmes

National Action Plan Addressing Climate Change (RANPI) 2007


Indonesia Climate Change Sectoral Roadmap (2010)


National Action Plan for Reducing GHG Emissions (RAN-GRK) 2011


National Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation (RAN-API) 2013


Partner Country in UN-REDD and FCPF


National REDD+ Strategy (June 2012)


Sources: FAO 2015c, Ministry of Forestry Statistics 2013, published July 2014; Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey 2012; Statistics Indonesia; National Population and Family Planning Board, Ministry of Health