CF Forum on People and Forests

CF Forum on People and Forests

While acknowledging that forest areas under community management continue to expand and some countries are becoming net gainers of forests, rapid urbanization and extensive development in the Asia-Pacific region remain a threat to both forests and the well-being of 450 million people who live in and around them.


The Regional Forum will expand its outreach by organizing a series of National Forums in five RECOFTC Country Program Offices (Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam). Lessons learnt from previous forums have suggested the importance of keeping the momentum of the discourse and forwarding the recommendations at the national and sub-national levels.


Therefore, the National Forums will serve as follow through activities to ensure stakeholders actively engage and implement the forum recommendations. The Forum will bring together a large group of 100 key stakeholders from government, civil society, private sector, and international organizations around the Asia-Pacific to do a current stock-take on social forestry, reflecting on past achievements and failures, understanding current drivers for change and mapping possible paths forward.


Objective: Highlights development of social forestry in the region and disseminate and share lessons learn from other ASEAN Member States’ experience in working with their social forestry development


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