Total Population       

15,328,136 in 2014

Rural Population

12,183,722 in 2014

79% of total population

Total country area

18,160,674 ha

Total land area (excluding inland water)

17,652,000 ha

Total designated forest area

10,432,823 ha

Actual forest cover

8,985,901 ha in 201450.9% of total land area

Production Forest

5,770,346 ha

55% of total forest area

Protected forest – soil & water

1,562,477 ha

15% of total forest area

Protected forest – biodiversity

3,100,000 ha

30% of total forest area

Community-managed forests (with CFM agreement) 

328 community forests covering 296,240 ha in 2015

Carbon stocks

793 mmt in 2015

Forest cover change

-344,472 ha per year (3.32%) between 2010–2014

Community forestry policies and programmes

Community Forestry (CF) under MAFF


Community Forestry for REDD+


Community-Based Production Forest


Community Commercial Forestry  


Partnership Forestry


Community Fisheries under MAFF’s Fishery Administration


Community Protected Areas under MoE


Community Conservation Forestry in protected forests in PFR

Climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and programmes

Climate Change Strategic Plan (CCCSP) 2014 -2023




Draft National REDD+ Strategy




35 REDD+ demonstration activities and 13 projects under the Community Based REDD+ Small Grants Facility


5 pilot projects under FA-Cambodia Climate Change Alliance project


Sources: Cambodia Country Report to the 16th ASFN meeting, the Philippines, June 2016; FAO, 2015b.