Civil society groups gather for the Ing Watershed Forum on World Water Day

Pha Yao, Thailand, 22 March 2017 – In the celebration of World Water Day, the Ing Watershed People’s Council, Ing Basin Civil Society Group, Living River Siam Association, Mekong Community Institute and RECOFTC - Center of People and Forests organized the “Ing Forum: Civil Society Forum for Ing Basin’s Resources ” at Wat Sri Khom Kham in Phayao province to find ways to work together to ensure Thailand's water source is sustained.

The event is a bid to strengthen the local community network and support from related stakeholders, including the governmental sector, private sector, academics and media. More than 100 people participated in the event, including local community members, civil society groups, international NGOs and more.

Warangkana Rattanarat, Thailand Country Program Coordinator, RECOFTC, said that “The Ing watershed is currently facing water and land use conflicts. These have become more extreme, with large-scale businesses and government’s economic development policy. Capacity development and empowerment of local people will prevent and transform conflict and lead to the sustainable management of Ing watershed today and in the future.”

“Ing Forum: Civil Society Forum for Ing Watershed’s Resources” is a part of the Empowerment of Local Networks and Local Authorities (LAs) for Sustainable Ing Watershed Management, supported by the European Union under the theme “Empowering local leaders, local people and civil society groups for the sustainable Ing watershed management”.

The event also features an exhibition and a seminar entitled “Ing Talk: Seminar for Ing River Watershed and for Ing people”, which covers 6 topics. These are: 1. Women and natural resource management in the Ing Watershed 2.Community forest and local sustainable management 3. Knowledge on wild wetlands in the Ing Watershed and guideline for management 4. Guideline for participatory water and aquatic animal management 5. Local regulations for local community based resources and 6. The importance and role of local media .

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Atcharapon Daisai, Assistant Programme Officer, Communication and Information Management Thailand Country Programme, RECOFTC - The Center of People and Forests Tel : 081-924-9068, Email :

Notes to editors:

The Ing Watershed is one of the most abundant watersheds in Thailand. It consists of rich natural resources and ecosystem diversity, including forests, mountains, rivers, stream tributaries, and watershed areas. The 260-kilometer basin river flows from Phayao Province to Chiang Rai Province in Northern part of Thailand before linking to Mekong River. The local communities have shared a close relationship with the watershed since it has nurtured them for centuries. Local people also developed their local wisdom on natural resource management combined with their way of life. This includes organizing traditional irrigation, community forestry, watershed and fishery zone managements. However, at present, the Ing watershed is under threat that is affecting with the way of life of people living by the Ing watershed. As a result, local communities have formed a network that comes from varied groups, including community leaders, civil society groups and others to jointly manage natural resources in the Ing watershed effectively.

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