REDD+ 2010: Moving Forward for People and Forests

May 2010

This brief summarizes progress made on REDD+ at the December 2009 Copenhagen climate talks, and discusses continuing challenges. The COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen saw continuing negotiation on the shape of a potential REDD+ mechanism, and further clarifications on the draft agreement text. A final and binding agreement on REDD+ was not reached, but substantial progress was made in two crucial areas:

  • REDD+ instead of REDD
  • Environmental and social safeguards became an explicit element of REDD+

Key Messages

  • With REDD+ now accepted, growing emphasis on social and environmental safeguards, and recognition of local stakeholder skills and knowledge, a space has clearly opened up for community-based forest management.
  • There is still ample opportunity for forest sector stakeholders to influence REDD+ negotiations to ensure progressive and equitable outcomes benefiting both people and forests.
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