Bonds of Partnership

RECOFTC and VNFOREST sign MoU acknowledging mutual need to protect Vietnamese forests by empowering local communities

On 18 May, 2018, RECOFTC and the Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) signed an extension of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Ha Noi to facilitate the collaboration of both organizations with the ultimate aim to improve the life of local communities and the sustainable management of natural resources in Viet Nam.The MoU was signed by RECOFTC’s Executive Director, Dr. David Ganz and VNFOREST’s Deputy Director General, Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Ngai in the witness of VNFOREST agencies’ representatives and RECOFTC’s staff. 

The MoU commits the two organizations to cooperate in the research, analysis and production of policy recommendations on community forestry, as well as capacity building, piloting projects, and the dissemination of communication material on the subject matter.

Overall, the cooperation detailed in the MoU will focus on the following thematic areas: 1) maintaining and expanding community forestry, which includes the setting up and facilitation of community forestry initiatives, as well as sharing lessons learned, both nationally and internationally; 2) social inclusion, especially advocating for pro-poor climate change strategies and policies that work to ensure that all forestry stakeholders know the social, economic and financial challenges; 3) transforming conflict and promoting lasting solutions at both the national and community level; 4) identify the full potential of forest-related resources and promote alternative livelihoods with the intent of securing livelihoods for local peoples.

This partnership is at an ideal time for RECOFTC as the organization has just approved a strategic plan for the upcoming years that focuses on a landscape approach to community forestry and development. In addition, Viet Nam is striving to improve its sustainable forest management practices. Therefore, this strengthened partnership is an important step for both RECOFTC and VNFOREST in their mutual pursuit to strengthen cooperation and achieve more sustainable means of managing the nation’s beautiful forests.

Thank you to both RECOFTC – Viet Nam Country Program (VCP) and VNFOREST for their continued work in fostering positive relationships between RECOFTC and the government of Viet Nam.

To read VNFOREST's press release, please follow this link!