Our work on transforming forest conflict

Our work on transforming forest conflict

Projects and initiatives

RECOFTC, through our Transforming Forest Conflict (TFC) programme, is working on initiatives in the region to enhance capacities to prevent, manage and transform forest landscape related conflicts and to mainstream these approaches into national policies in the region. Our initiatives include:  


  • Conflict transformation and community engagement capacity development for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) stakeholders in Myanmar
    With support from UN FAO, RECOFTC is supporting the development of the FLEGT process in Myanmar by conducting a series of FLEGT focused conflict transformation workshops followed by case study research and Training of Trainer (ToT) programs for Myanmar civil society, private sector and government stakeholders. These activities seek to improve coordination between the multi-stakeholders on forest landscape governance issues in general with a particular focus on conflict sensitive issues such as illegal logging, forest management in conflict and post-conflict areas, and enhancing multi-stakeholder dialogue processes.


  • Mainstreaming conflict transformation in ASEAN Heritage Parks
    Through a GIZ funded project, RECOFTC is working with the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity (ACB) to mainstream conflict transformation approaches within ASEAN Heritage Parks. Park managers from nine Southeast Asian countries have participated in conflict transformation capacity development. 


  • Conflict transformation capacity development for the Taiwan Forestry Bureau
    RECOFTC is working to enhance the conflict transformation capacities of the Bureau’s national level staff and field managers through training, research and protected area co-management planning. With enhanced capacities the Bureau’s personnel can effectively address conflict challenges that involve multiple stakeholders including local communities, Indigenous Peoples, tourists, private sector developers and civil society organizations.
  • Researching forested landscape conflicts in Lao PDR
    RECOFTC is conducting national and field level research in Lao PDR on forest landscape conflicts. The research focuses on institutional capacities and mechanisms for transforming conflicts and provides policy recommendations to national government and other stakeholders for improving coordination and capacity development.



  • Private sector engagement
    RECOFTC has been working with the international company Stora Enso in Lao PDR to help their efforts in preventing, managing and resolving conflicts in their business practices by facilitating training and study tours in Lao PDR and Thailand for relevant staff. With enhanced understanding on conflict management mechanisms, Stora Enso hopes to develop best practices to achieve its global social responsibility commitments. Learn more about the engagement here.