Internal Governance of Community Forests

Internal Governance of Community Forests

Training course on decision making within and between forest user groups

Internal governance within and between local user groups ultimately determines the success and sustainability of forest management. Tensions between powerful community leaders and marginalized groups often lead to conflicts and unfair distribution of forest benefits. A deeper understanding of the concepts and framework of governance can help promote effective implementation of community forest management plans, sustainability of resources, and proper benefit sharing with the poorest people and disenfranchised groups.


Aims and Objectives

This training course will help strengthen the skills and abilities of local organizations and forest users to guide sustainable, cost-effective forest planning processes involving multiple stakeholders. It will provide an opportunity to analyze the internal governance issues you currently face and to generate ideas about the best approaches to address them.

The course will enable you to:

  • Understand the concept of governance and its importance for community forest management
  • Develop core skills for identifying the components and basic principles of governance
  • Discuss the challenges you face in assisting local people in the development of community forestry
  • Develop action points to apply to your local context

Who Should Attend?

Middle managers and field practitioners in forestry, agriculture, or natural resource management from government agencies and nongovernment organization.


Course Contents

This course links theory of governance concepts with practical application of them, providing a venue for you to address your own experiences in discussion and analysis.

  • Introduction to governance: Governance definitions; the importance of good governance for sustainable forest management and community forestry; governance in different contexts
  • Components of governance: Laws and rules; institutions; processes
  • Principles of governance: Transparency; participation; accountability; rule of law
  • Internal governance in community forestry: Governance within groups in community forestry contexts; issues and changes
  • Interventions for good internal governance in community forestry: Interventions for improving governance within groups; advantages and disadvantages of these interventions

Course Length

This course can range from three to five days, depending on your needs.