Customized courses

Customized courses

Customized Courses

All courses are available upon request, and all can be fully tailored to suit the specific wishes of our clients. Contact for more information. You can:

  • Develop the right course for your needs. We have created specialized training programs for a wide range of partners, including nongovernment organizations, government advisers and officials, community groups, local forest users, academics, and members of the media. Courses range from half-day workshops to yearlong curricula.
  • Tailor the course to your context. Each curriculum can be adapted to address specific issues and contexts, from the international to the national to the local level. You can also mix and match courses to respond to unique situations.
  • Choose your own location and language. Courses can be conducted at RECOFTC's Bangkok facilities or in your home country. We deliver training programs in national languages by collaborating with experienced national trainers and national training organizations.

Core Courses

We offer courses in specific topics on community forestry, climate change, forest conflict, and livelihoods, as well as broader courses on training, facilitation, writing, and more. Based on more than 20 years of experience, we have identified these subjects as the most critical areas for building capacity for developing successful community forests.


Securing Community Forestry 

  Introduction to Community Forestry
  Internal Governance of Community Forests
  Landscape Functions and People**
  Participatory Action Research for Community-Based Natural Resource Management
  Participatory Forest Management in Protected Areas
  Participatory Mapping

People, Forests and Climate Change 

  Community Forestry and REDD+
  Community Forestry for Adaptation to Climate Change
  Free, Prior, and Informed Consent for REDD+

Transforming Forest Conflict 

  Conflict Mediation in Natural Resource Management (Advanced Course)**
  Forest Policies and Institutions
  Managing Natural Resource Conflict
  Natural Resource Governance


  The Art of Building Facilitation Capacities
  The Art of Building Training Capacities



Prices vary by location, duration, number of participants, and topics covered. The following is an example of some course pricings, which include individual rooms and three meals per day for each participant. Additional field trip costs are not included. Contact for bookings and specific pricing information.


Approximate Fees Per Course in US Dollars

 3 Days5 Days10 Days
3 Participants≈$4,500≈$7,600≈$15,000
5 Participants≈$4,800≈$8,200≈$15,600
10 Participants≈$6,200≈$9,900≈$18,600
15 Participants≈$7,700≈$12,000≈$21,600